Q & A


• What is a LONGfibe™ forage cube?
A LONGfibe™ forage cube is a cube 1 ¼” x 2 ⅞” x 2 ½” in size, containing long alfalfa fiber or alfalfa-timothy fiber and/or a blend of edible oil. Through special production techniques, the LONGfibe™ cube has a unique texture and is much softer than regular cubes for easy feeding. The feeding of LONGfibe™ cubes support chewing and prevents horses from choking.

• How do you feed the LONGfibe™ forage cubes?
The LONGfibe™ forage cubes can be fed either as a straight hay-replacement or as a supplement to hay feeding or grazing. LONGfibe™ forage cubes shall not be soaked and can be fed from the ground or trough. Ground feeding is healthier and will keep the horses occupied. Please ensure fresh clean water for your horse at any given time.

• I have an old horse with poor teeth; can I feed LONGfibe™ forage cubes to the horse?
Yes indeed, these horses can be fed with LONGfibe™ forage cubes. They are designed to meet the requirements of elderly horses due to the soft texture of the cubes.

• Why would I want to feed forage cubes when I could feed hay?
LONGfibe™ forage cubes will add the “extra” into the daily ration. The LONGfibe™ forage cubes are the best quality with quality control starting right in the field through the iTrackAgra™ Seed to Stable™ system. Every bag of MAAAX™ LONGfibe™ forage cubes is always traceable back to the field. Hay quality changes from bale to bale, where it was grown. They may have been produced for a different purpose. MAAAX™ LONGfibe™ forage cubes are made from forage grown, exclusively for equine feed and always maintain consistent quality with its Seed to Stable™ guarantee. LONGfibe™ forage cubes provide highly palatable, digestible protein and carbohydrates to horses without making them “hot”. They are equally suitable for performance horses, old and young. The LONGfibe™ forage cubes are virtually dust free. Horses that suffer from COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) or cough will benefit even more from this dust free alternative.

• Are forage cubes more costly to feed than hay?
No, not at all, MAAAX™ LONGfibe™ Forage cubes are more economical than hay as there are no losses during storage and feeding. LONGfibe™ forage cubes are a full hay-replacement product offering guaranteed nutritional value to the horse all year round whereas hay prices fluctuate and are not always representative of the quality.

• I have heard that forage cubes increase the risk of choke. Is that true?
Horses will not choke on LONGfibe™ forage cubes. MAAAX™ LONGfibe™ forage cubes help the horse to eat slowly and chew intensively. Meanwhile the quantity of saliva that is produced helps the soft MAAAX™ LONGfibe™ forage cubes break apart.

• I only have one horse. If I order one skid, how long will the forage cubes keep for?
MAAAX™ LONGfibe™ forage cubes will keep for 10 to 12 months provided they are stored in a dry location out of direct sunlight. If you order one skid you will receive 45 bags that are 50lbs each. The forage requirement of a horse is between 1% to 3% of the horse’s body weight, depending on age (growth stage), activity level and climate that the horse is living in. This last factor would, understandably change with the seasons and housing available at the time. At 1% minimum intake in a warm climate, an average 1000lb horse would consume 73 bags (50lbs) per year; therefore, one skid of 45 bags would last approximately 7.5 months at the minimum intake of 1%, or approximately 2.5 months at 3%.

• I’d like to keep my horses on hay but supplement their intake with forage cubes to reduce my hay requirements. Can I do that with this product?
Yes, you can do that, as long as the chewing requirements and the energy and nutrient requirements are balanced, LONGfibe™ cubes are ideal to combine with hay or grass feeding. Please make sure, that the horse is not over- or undersupplied with nutrients such as carbohydrates and/or protein.

• My horse is a picky eater. Will he like this product?
Most likely yes, horses love the taste of LONGfibe™ forage cubes, however, some need a few days to adjust if LONGfibe™ forage cubes are new to them.

• What makes the MAAAX Equine Feed forage cubes better quality than other cubes on the market?
The MAAAX™ Equine Feed forage cubes are produced from the best quality raw materials. The ‘Seed to Stable’ system guarantees the traceability of the ingredients. MAAAX™ Equine Feed LONGfibe™ cubes contain fiber length of 2+/-”, increases chewing activity and saliva production. They benefit the horses’ gastrointestinal health.

• Where is the forage grown and processed?
The forage that goes into MAAAX™ Equine Feed LONGfibe™ cubes is grown and processed in southwestern Ontario. The quality of this superior forage product is influenced by the Great Lakes micro Climate.