In 2013, Bruce Agra Dehy Inc. teamed up with the Ontario Equestrian to help with the rehabilitation of a herd of neglected horses that had been surrendered to Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue in Hagersville, ON.

When Bruce Agra Dehy Inc. learned of the plight of the severely malnourished horses, the company immediately sprang into action to help the rescue facility save the animals.

Bruce Agra Dehy Inc. agreed to feed the 12 surrendered horses for three months, but substantially increased their donation to care for the entire Whispering Hearts herd after visiting the facility and seeing first-hand the wonderful work done there.

They provided the company’s high quality forage cubes for all 64 horses at the rescue facility so that they had the chance to thrive and go on to lead meaningful lives.

Bruce Agra Dehy and OE continue to support the horses at Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue. Since that first donation in 2013, close to 5,000 bags have been shipped to the rescue facility.

“The hay cubes have been amazing! The horses that arrived the same day the product did were severely emaciated and had terrible coats. Within four weeks their coats improved drastically and they had gained an average of 90 lbs. This was quicker than any other recovery we have done. I truly believe in this product. Our herd has also done amazingly well. Their coats just gleam! I love this product and will continue to use it.” – Brenda Thompson, Owner/Operator of Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue